Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Surviving Cancer

My co-worker Sue brought me this article from yesterday's Herald about a neighbor, Holly Echarte, who survived breast cancer. Holly touches on familiar issues, although "my" cancer was/is? lymphoma. For example losing one's hair. I actually went to a wig salon early on! But then decided I was fine without the hair. (I, of course, am a male. I can only cheer when I read how Holly handled the threat of her own hair loss.) Another was the weight gain and food cravings while on the chemo, which in my case I attribute to the Prednizone. (I have no excuse presently.) Another is having the "support system of my husband, family, and friends and amazing doctors." Having such a complete support system is not a given. One of the men in our support group died early on, and I believe his lack of a family support system contributed to his early death. My support system, on the other hand, was a complete blessing. Finally, I am glad to read of Holly's "life after breast cancer."

On the other hand, the Herald had on the same page yesterday an article entitled "Cancer survivors facing greater risk of memory loss." That's not good. On the other hand, I have always had trouble finding the remote.

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