Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Just continue eating as you've been, only in moderation. And take these pills."

We just returned home from vacation.  (A day earlier in light of the tropical storm in the neighborhood.)  On that trip, we were pleased to see a friend in Middle Georgia, up and around three months after triple-bypass surgery.  She is in her late seventies, not thin but not obese, and a gifted Southern cook.  Feeling poorly sent her to the ER, just barely in time.

We asked her whether her cardiac surgeon had any dietary advice, and the quote I give in the title of this post sums it up.

On a related note, we spent part of our short vacation attending a conference of the Fellowship of Presbyterians/ECO at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.  The church campus and facilities are beautiful and thoroughly functional.  The church volunteers and staff were gracious and helpful.

During the breaks, instead of pastries and donuts there was fresh fruit, apples and bananas (no peaches, alas, because the SE had a terrible crop this year), and fruit bars.  The lunches had a vegetarian alternative.  These Presbyterians get it.  Any cardiac surgeons in their congregation? 

(For our dear Atlanta kin, we apologize for not getting in touch.  Our vacation was so tight that we hurried into Atlanta just in time for the conference and hurried out for the trip to Middle Georgia and then home for storm preparation.)

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