Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PBS: Not Even a Pretense of Being Objective in their GOP Convention Coverage

If the cabal of Woodruff, Eiffil, Shields, and, yes, the "conservative" Brooks would please shut up and get out of the way, I would like to hear the speeches.

Fortunately, we have a Fox radio station in Miami, WIOD, and it is broadcasting the speeches unimpaired.  Right now Nikki Haley is giving a terrific speech, and not a word of it is on PBS.  All of it on the Fox radio station.

(Glenn Reynolds reports that MSNBC "abandons GOP convention during every speech by a minority."  What a shame that their viewers missed Artur Davis.  So glad we don't have cable, so that not a cent of ours finds its way to that network.)

On the other hand, even Woodruff and Shields are finally impressed by the speeches of Mrs. Romney and Governor Christie (which were outstanding).  Eiffil is unimpressed and unrepentant.  Brooks seems gray and almost background for the other three.  (Look at Jennifer Rubin's column in the Washington Post, especially concerning Mrs. Romney's speech [thanks, Glenn].)

The PBS conspirators have some Republicans in their booth at times.  (I suppose this was their idea of being fair and balanced.)  The Senator from Wyoming, Mike Enzi, more than holds his own.  Newt Gingrich is there and singularly unimpressive in all his talkieness.  He is really yesterday in the context of the young, fresh faces on the podium.

On the substance side, I am impressed by the way Christie relates his success in NJ to bi-partisan efforts, his warning that the American people will have to sacrifice to get the country back on track,  and his expressions of faith in those people that they will respond to the challenge.  I pray he is right.

I can't help but say, however, that Christie's size is disturbing.  The man needs to meet Dr. McDougall.  It would be terrible for the GOP to lose the governor to a heart attack.

All in all, it is a very encouraging night for the Republicans.
Who will be the mystery speaker?  Tebow.  That will be electrifying.  Sorry, Sarah, you are a little yesterday too.  [UPDATE: So wrong on this one!  I think Clint's speech was really odd, really fun, and shows some fresh and creative thinking on the side of the convention planners to give him that time.]

(By the way, reports are that Hillary won't be coming to the Democratic Convention.  It is a very bad sign for that gathering, already being deserted by lesser lights in the Party.  Oh, well, the Vice-President will be there.  That certainly must be a relief to the convention planners.)

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