Monday, August 15, 2005

Dressing for Success.

This article in the NYT is well worth the read.

Admittedly, Ben Stein, the writer, is a lawyer who lives in New York City, but I think he has a point that applies in Miami, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Columbia, whereever. Young men in the business world need to dress like grown-ups.

One thing I like about Austin is that it is a liberterian place as far as style is concerned. So it should be OK to depart from the open-shirt, shorts - dungaree wardrobe approach. Some young men I know clean up really well.

I would extend this idea to hair cuts. Look around for a good hair cutter, either a barber or someone in a beauty salon. Keep looking till you find the right person. Spend the money on a good cut, and spend the money at last twice a month.

Try this out with the next mall bureaucrat you have to deal with.

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