Thursday, August 25, 2005

Forbes 09/05/2005 Issue. I have been reading this magazine for 20+ years, and recommend it. Here is a run-down of what I thought was particularly good in this issue.

1. China Syndrome. About Michael Allen, who invests in China and describes his ups and downs with selling hi-fi equipment into the US market from factories he and a group built in China. This article is on Forbes' website.

2. Chemistry Lesson. About Jurgen Hambrecht and BASF, the German chemical company. You have probably seen BASF's commercials on TV and asked, "What is the point of these commercials". Now we know. I read Forbes for some guidance on stocks to invest in. (You now know why I am so wealthy, have my own jet, and only come to work to blog.) I may buy some BASF.

3. B-Schools - Part Time Fever. A timely article in light of Walter's interest in going to B-School. The thesis of this article is that it makes more sense for many young people to go to B-School part time and to continue to work because of the opportunity costs of going full time. Lists the "Top Part-Time Business Schools", and well as the Top U.S. Business Schools. Interesting description of someone who did distance learning at Chicago from Redmond, Washington. See also the article on China "putting the squeeze on US business schools" with its own B-Schools; includes a list of "The Top Foreign Business Schools."

Also articles about coffee futures, the tech future of India, and a counselor who helps CEO's deal with their "inner jerk"(Sounds like a good idea for lawyers and judges).

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