Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good Questions - Part II
Reading the WSJ today, I came across this editorial (for subscribers) that is along the same lines as Macon's post below, primarily regarding the (lack of) support for women's rights in Iraq (and, oddly enough, in Canada, according to the editorial).

"It seems strange to associate the context of Canada with that of Iraq, but a closer look at the arguments used to reassure the demonstrating women in both countries reveals the similar ordeals that Muslim women in both countries must go through to secure their rights. It shows how their legitimate and serious worries are trivialized, and how vulnerable and alone they are. It shows how the Free World led by the U.S. went to war in Iraq, allegedly to bring liberty to Iraqis, and is compromising the basic rights of women in order to meet a random date. It shows how the theory of multiculturalism in Western liberal democracies is working against women in ethnic and religious minorities with misogynist practices. It shows the tenacity of many imams, mullahs and self-made Muslim radicals to subjugate women in the name of God. Most of all, it shows how many of those who consider themselves liberal or left-wing see their energy levels rise when it comes to Bush-bashing, but lose their voice when women's rights are threatened by religious obscurantism."

It's far too easy to point the hypocritical finger at the multicultural Western liberal, but what about the Church? What role should it play?

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