Sunday, September 11, 2005

Carol Gives CNN a Piece of her Mind. Here is a copy of an email that Carol sent to CNN. As you may know, CNN went to court to get authority to take pictures of bodies of those killed by Katrina.

I find your request to photograph the bodies recovered from Hurricane Katrina to be appalling. It shows a complete lack of sensitivity to the feelings of those who have lost family members in this tragedy. Especially when contrasted with the decisions not to publish photographs of those killed on 9/11 (including those jumping from the buildings) and photos of those murdered by terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq so as not to "inflame passions" it calls your motives into question. Could it be that you do want to "inflame passions" over this event? Could it be that since your coverage from the beginning of the hurricane has focused on the federal response that you hope to "inflame passions" against the Bush administration? Could it be that you don't want to "inflame passions" in any way that might show the true nature of and danger from the enemies of our country? Your motives are transparent and are the reason why many of us no longer trust your reporting and seek other sources for our news.

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