Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vera Drake. This is the name of a movie from Britain that Carol and I viewed on DVD this past weekend. Its one of the "Critic's Choice for 2004" from the Christianitytoday.com's movie review page. Its an interesting choice for CT, because its about abortion by a producer who is not anti-abortion. The film is sympathetic to all sides (even the police are treated with dignity), but I won't go into much detail here. It is so good, and its worth watching it unfold without knowing exactly what to expect.

I would like everyone to watch it, so that we can blog about it and the issues it raises. If you are a died in the world pro-lifer, this movie will be good for you. It won't change your mind, but it will help you approach the subject with more respect for the difficulties and inequities that this fallen world presents to the truth of the sanctity of human life, whether in the womb or without.

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