Thursday, September 08, 2005

I put the Free World in jeopardy again today
by going running with my shuffle & headphones. (If you're lost, then clearly you haven't read the comments to this post.)

While some have advocated for me to take certain measures for protection, I'm currently thinking that this would be more appropriate. That way, I'll be safe and if I ever need to join the US Millitary for the Global War on Terror, I'll be ready. 'sides, I think running with that would be a serious deterrent to any would be attackers. Shoot, it would deter anyone from even being on the same block as me!

Completely unplanned, my run began with "We're Not Going To Take It," by Twisted Sister and the very last (uphill!) block was run to "Sloop John B," by The Beach Boys. ("I feel so broke up, I want to go home," expressed my end of run sentiments exactly.) In the middle was alot of good stuff, but I thought it was a particularly fun beginning and ending.

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