Sunday, February 19, 2006

D.C. Personal Protection Act.

"Since 1977, the District [of Columbia] has banned the possession of all handguns not acquired and registered before that year. D.C. law also prohibits keeping an assembled rifle or shotgun in the home, effectively outlawing the use of firearms for lawful self-defense. And despite these Draconian gun control laws, Washington, D.C., consistently has one of the highest homicide rates in the nation."

This from the political action arm of the NRA, which is promoting remedial legislation (see below) for the District. I wonder whether the anti-gun folks really want to see what would happen with murder rates over the next 30 years if people in the District were allowed to protect themselves with firearms. See the NRA's post

By the way, Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas is the Senate sponsor of the bill. The other TX senator, John Cornyn, is a co-sponsor. Both NC Senators are co-sponsors of the Senate bill, as well as Mel Martinez of Florida (but not Bill Nelson, our other Senator). There are many other co-sponsors in the Senate. In the House, our representative, Mario Diaz-Balart, is a co-sponsor. Also a co-sponsor of the House version is the much but unfairly defamed Katherine Harris, who will run against Bill Nelson for the Senate seat Nelson now occupies. (The NRA post links to a list of all the cosponsors, both in the Senate and in the House.)

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