Thursday, February 02, 2006

The High Cost of the "World's Best Shave". I bought replacement blades for the Mach3Power razor this AM at Walgreens. (See earlier post on this important subject.) For 8 "cartidges" the price is $22.99 - with sales tax $24.60. That's $3 per cartridge.

Each cartidge has an "Indicator Lubrastrip", an orange strip at the top that "fades away" as one shaves day after day. When its gone, its time to "change the blade [they mean the cartridge] for a better shave". Gillette's earlier cartridges had such a strip, but this one "contains Vitamin E and Aloe".

I will take careful note of how many shaves I get per "cartridge" and report back on the price per shave. Meanwhile, I may buy more Proctor & Gamble stock. P&G now owns Gillette. (Maybe that should be P$G.)

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