Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mach3 Power Update. On the economics/being-well-turned-out front, I am going on two weeks using the same "cartridge" (blade). I initially addressed the important matter of the right razor here and later noted that the "cartridges" turn out to cost $3 apiece. The orange stripe on the current installed cartridge is disappearing but is not quite gone. There is slightly more "burn" to the shave, but its entirely acceptable. And I obtain a shave that is still quite good. At 14 days, that would be about $.22 per shave. That does not count a proration of the cost of the single, AAA battery that powers this elegant invention. (I have been on the same battery for at least a month.) Nor does it count the cost of the device that holds the cartridge, contains the little motor that vibrates the head, contains the battery, and has a manly heft and feel. (The initial package cost about $11.00.) That cost will reduce to about nothing per day over the life of the instrument, provided I don't throw it away and buy the Fusion. And remember, the intial package that contained the instrument also came with a $3.00 cartridge included in the price.

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