Sunday, November 19, 2006

Endless Renovation.

The first photo shows what the house looks like at the rear. I am standing at about the SW corner of our lot, looking NNE. Those of you familiar with our house will notice that I have taken the chain link fence down that ran along the south side of our lot.

I snapped the second photo from near the SW corner of our lot, looking NW.

The third photo is a shot due west. It shows the porch, and the west wall of the new bedroom. The window and door are into the bedroom. The small window to the right of the door is into the kitchen. The new kitchen has two windows, this is one of them. (All the windows and doors are hurricane impact resistant.)

The fourth photo is on the west side of the house. It shows two new windows, the larger into the kitchen - which had no window before - and the smaller into the bathroom in the new bedroom. The exhaust at the bottom will connect with an "island" in the kitchen that will have the burners on it. I will need to plant some shrubbery in front of it as a screen. Or I may paint it bright yellow.

The last photo shows a squirrel that was fussing at me. I annoyed it walking around taking pictures. Notice the high-tech cable/electric/phone installation on the modern pole. At the top of the pole you can see a hole, one of several. Small birds have lived inside of the pole for years.

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