Monday, November 20, 2006

New Kamara. Glen Reynolds has a post on Instapundit about digital cameras, and links with approval to someone's idea of the right one. It turns out that this is the camera we puchased after our research, including advice from K&K people, a Canon A630. I spent some time yesterday getting acquainted with it, and the Endless Renovation photos resulted. Those shots were all on the Auto mode, both outside and inside. There are things to do with the camera beyond the Auto mode, of course, and I hope to start learning them. But I feel comfortable about taking the camera on the trip with just what I have learned so far. What a clever consumer product!

PS: We bought the camera on Amazon, notwithstanding sellers on eBay and other places. We looked at those other places, even made a couple of bids on eBay, but came back to Amazon.

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