Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Morning. I like Sean's comments on the election. I hope Sean doesn't mind (and Scott too), but I find Lindsey Graham insufferable.

At our Luke study last night, still in Chapter 1, we discussed how much gentler Gabriel was with Mary than he was with Zacharia, when both expressed a degree of uncertainty about how God was going to do what Gabriel said he would do. Mary was young and innocent, and Zacharia old and cranky. Mary was concerned about method and Zacharia may have had some doubt as to God's faithfulness, and should have known better. But I liked the answer that one of the men gave: Gabriel was not going to mess around with Jesus' mom!

We are back on line at Dove Avenue. What a difference it was to be disconnected at home from cyberspace, and not an altogether bad one.

One of my clients died this week. I had helped her for many years, and knew her family well. We will be helping them with her estate. I try to be professional about these things, but lately I have been seriously saddened when I lose such fine people. I have some really wonderful clients.

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