Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Endless Renovation.

I am standing in our "den" taking a shot of the kitchen. The pantry that made part of the wall between the den and the kitchen is gone. (We will put a floor to ceiling cabinet there that will not be as wide.) In the kitchen, you see that the cabinet that hung down from the ceiling is gone, and you can see the new window.

The second photo is also into the kitchen area. It shows the old passthrough and the opening to the dining room, which is covered with thick plastic. What you see in the middle of the floor, in part, is the covering for the vent pipe, the one that runs outside the house and the I may paint bright yellow.

The third photo is a shot back into the den from the kitchen. It is bare, the old wood parquet tiles have been lifted. We hope this week that the tile subcontractor will lay the tiles for all the floor surfaces, the den, the kitchen, the new bedroom, and the porch.

I took the fourth photo from the NW corner of the kitchen, back toward the SE corner. You can see the new window and the passageway into the new bedroom. (There is a pocket door there.) The passageway is where our fridge used to be.

The fifth photo is from the new bedroom, looking back at the passage into the kitchen and the door to the porch.

The last photo shows the bedroom. I took the photo through the door from the porch. You can see the closet on the left and the bathroom on the right. It is a very small bedroom and we expect to entertain a lot of Hobbitts.

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