Saturday, April 21, 2007

Chicago Airport

I'm sitting at my gate for my flight to Austin, and my first thought upon seeing the view was,"Oooooooh! Big Trucks with Cherry Pickers with Big Nozzles on them!" (These are the de-icing trucks.) Clearly, I miss Aidan.

I've been in Chicago since Thursday for John Stott Ministries board meetings, my first of (at least) three years' worth. (It was during the nominating process that I had to get a picture.)

I departed Austin on Thursday morning, the same morning Dad called to let us know that Grandmother had gone on to Glory. I was glad to know that I'd be seeing Aunt Marlene (also on the board) and would be with some family while in away from my family.

The meetings were extremely interesting and stimulating for all number of reasons, and I am exceedingly grateful to be now associated with JSM (and the Langham Partnership International). (More on that in a different post.)

One thing many of you will appreciate is that I came down with a really bad cold almost the moment I arrived that took my voice down to a whisper. While a real pain, I'm viewing it as a blessing from the Lord, who helped keep me from shooting my mouth off during my very first meeting.

It was a joy to go to the meetings, but I am glad to be heading home. With the funeral for Grandmother next weekend, and my work with InterVarsity as a Chapter Planting Coach, I will be out of town for at least three days a week three weeks in a row.

Thanks for your prayers for me and the family!

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