Saturday, April 07, 2007

'Nita Perks Up and other News.

While Julia has been here, she has spent the days with Juanita at the hospital, and Mary has shared that task with Julia. Carol and I have gone to the hospital at the end of our work day to see Juanita and bring Julia back home, Mary leaving earlier to do errands. Yesterday when we went by, Mother seemed a bit more perky. To talk to her two days ago and before that, we had to get down close to her face. But she was laying on her back when we came in yesterday and she was able to carry on a conversation with people in a normal position. Two and three days ago she had said that she simply wanted to stay put in the hospital room. But yesterday she expressed full agreement to going back to Epworth on Monday. She is eating and drinking a little more, and doesn't seem to be terribly uncomfortable. On the other hand, the effects of her liver disease have become more obvious as the week has progressed, and we are not going to see her get well on this earth. But there is a sort of progress, here and now. It is a blessing.

The renovation project at our house has become less important of course, except that its being closer to completion has really helped with the company we have had this week. And yesterday workers came in to hang the shower door and the medicine cabinet in the new bathroom and install the towel racks, so it is ready but for the paint. The kitchen is in full use, and has been all week. The only thing remaining is the tile backsplash work and the paint. The den is also mostly complete, and we were able to clear it this week of the kitchen cabinets that had been stored there, pending installation of them or disposal of the ones that came defective. So we are able to use it too. The back porch is finished, except for some touch up painting and clearing some construction materials left behind. We have had some good times with our company sitting on the porch. The weather has been perfect for that. So the timing of all of that has been right, and we see another blessing.

Julia and Mary went to Epworth yesterday to gather information about the decision between the nursing home there or Mother's apartment. That turned out to be a very easy decision. In the nursing home, they learned, it is noisy and the place only has double rooms, no singles. So this weekend we will be getting her apartment ready for her return on Monday. I have set aside that day to deal with the health care aide support issues and to get her settled.

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