Monday, April 16, 2007

Mr. Davidson Training Update

Many* of you expressed great concern regarding the effect my 'boarding injury might have on my Mr. D. training.

Fear not! My knee should be fully recovered in four more weeks, which gives me four months to get my 5K time down.

While I haven't been able to run, I have been able to train for a number of other events. For those of you rooting for my practically assured victory, I know that you will be relieved by the image below. For my competitors, well, I can only imagine that it strikes fear into the very marrow of your bones. If you like, I will gladly save you travel time and expenses and accept the Mr. Davidson 2007 award from you right now.

ps: For your edification, in the sidebar I added a handy timer counting down the time to the Mr. Davidson 2007 Opening Ceremonies.

* where "many" > 0 and < 2.


Walter said...

I recite entries from the OED while snatching the Kettlebell.

More acurately, Morgan yells out page, column and line numbers and I have to recall the entry and provide the etymology of the word so-located in the unabridged volumes before I'm able to call it a set.

Anonymous said...

I want to tell you: I am one proud father.

Sean Meade said...

that's a lot of awesomeness ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sean, we use the expression "awe-son-ness". Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think you should expand the competition to an invitational format, and that Sean, Scott, and Robert should get the first invitations. And where is Walter in all this? Should there be some sort of kettlebell event to lure him in? I think that the Mr. Davidson competition should be a living thing, something that responds to the felt needs of the times, not some stagnant remembrance of things past. And what about the women? Would that be Ms. Davidson? Finally, will it be on cable?

Scott said...

I think I'll have another Bud and clean my guns while y'all figure this out.