Monday, April 23, 2007

"It's a Season"

Macon checked in last night by telephone, wanting to know how we are doing. He had a cold, and I mentioned how busy he had been these last several weeks, especially with trips out of town and the weekends taken up with travel and catch-up. And he has another busy weekend out of town beginning Friday, as he and his family come to Miami for the memorial service.

"It's a season", he said.

That hit home. It was what I needed to hear. Even though there is winter, and it seems a very, very long winter in some ways, it is a season. It will come to an end. It is part of time's movement, over which God is sovereign. Things advance, finally to a glorious culmination, but in the meanwhile (good word) there are intermediate culminations that have a Sabbath waiting, before the next season begins.

So we engage the season, with all our energy and with the Spirit's help. But we will be glad for Sabbath, a time of rest. And then the next season. Praise God.


Sean Meade said...

i agree.

it is important, then, to not make our difficult seasons too full, insomuch as we can affect them. we can schedule them full. if they get too full, we need to make sure there's Sabbath on the other side.

Macon said...

very true, Sean.

Paul Stokes said...

I agree with you, Sean. No matter what the current or preferred method of "time management", if you try to stuff too much into your time and space, you will have great difficulty, even failure, in dealing with this special gift of life.