Monday, May 28, 2007

No to Cable Yes to Free

We stopped subscribing to cable when Macon was in junior high. Not only was it the expense, we couldn't see supporting MTV, much less running the risk that our children would be exposed to it. In addition, we were trying to reduce tv watching, not make it more attractive.

Presently we use an interesting technology for linking to commercial TV by pulling TV energy out of the air. No, we are not talking about satellite TV, which costs money. The method we use, costs no money.

Oh, yeah, we get it: rabbit ears, that sort of thing. But what are you going to do when HDTV is mandatory?

We can get HDTV out of the air for free as well. All the networks offer HDTV programs. You just need the right outside antenna. TV listings are available at, and this website will show you what sort of antenna you need in your location to get both digital and analog broadcasts.

We use this other technology you might be interested in, a portable, sort of laptop technology. You use it for reading things . . .

(Thanks to Popular Mechanics for the HDTV info.)

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Jana said...

oooooh, we use that TV techology, too! SO cool. Vintage!