Saturday, May 19, 2007

Prayer Request: Debbie Newman

This came to me via email this morning from Adrianna, one of the women in our church. We have an email/telephone "prayer chain" and this is part of it. (I added the links.)

Please pray for Debbie Newman, a 37 yr. old mother of 2, a 7 year old boy and teenage girl. She was recently bitten in the neck by a Brown Recluse Spider, had surgery yesterday and now today was diagnosed with a type of staph infection that has only a 20% chance of survival. The poison of the Brown Recluse is deadly enough and they may not have gotten out all the flesh and muscle that have the poison but now this deadly staph infection is added to the threat of the poison. Debbie is a life-long friend of my daughter, Joelle, and our family has know her since she was a child. She has always lived in Miami Springs. The spider that bit her was in her back yard in Miami Springs on Truxton Av. Pray for her, her children and then be careful. I had no idea these spiders were here in Miami.

UPDATE: Adrianna reports:

Sunday [Debbie] began responding to the antibiotics, they were planning surgery this morning [Monday] to remove more flesh, but when they saw she started to respond, they cancelled the surgery. This also means the antibotics are actually working on the Mercer Staph infection, as well.

Thanks for the prayer!

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