Friday, October 03, 2008

Our little exhibitionist

So, tonight, Macon and I are sitting down, enjoying an end of the week movie, when I notice that I can still hear Honor talking, "daddy...daddy....daddeeeee!" It's 8:30 and she is usually asleep by 7:15 or 7:30, so I turn on the video and see that my little girl is standing in her crib naked. Yes, NAKED. What are we going to do? We have spent more money on trying to get her pajamas that she can't get her poop out of than we have spent on pajamas for Aidan in a year, and now in the most secure pajamas we can find, she has figured out how to take the entire pajamas off along with her diaper!! Thank goodness she was only wet this time...

SHEESH!!!! Here's hoping she actually falls asleep some time soon.

Any ideas as to how to keep her in her pajamas? We're open to suggestions.


Macon said...

Look. We just got through a major crisis to the tune of $700 Billion.

I think, if all K&K folks contribute, we can raise a paltry $7 Billion to solve this new, National Crisis.

It takes $700B to reintroduce liquidity.

But we have the opposite problem: too much liquidity sans diaper. $7B can help.

We'd be happy to name the resulting Law after the largest contributor.

Operators are standing by!

Macon said...

Kellsey neglected to mention the Most Critical Part of this New National Crisis.

The movie that Honor interrupted: Speed Racer!

Kellsey and I enjoyed it very much. Just what the doctor ordered after a long, tiring week.

Seriously. I thought it was pretty great.

But, even at age 33, I also could sit for hours and read comic books. So take my endorsement with that in mind.

Paul Stokes said...

You realize, of course, that 30 years from now, when Honor is running for governor of the State of Texas, someone will pick this up from the Internet and it will be front page news.

Scott said...

After reading the title, the first words in the post are, "So, Macon and I...." and I had to stop reading to gather myself.

Emilie said...

sounds like rather than a "bailout," this crisis calls for a "fuzzy lockbox"

Lindsay said...

duct tape?