Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Some struggling homeowners are being tempted to default on purpose in order to qualify for mortgage relief from the federal government . . . "

I'm shocked!


Macon said...

gosh, yeah. So weird to see people responding to incentives. Maybe someone should let the bureaucrats know not to deform the markets? Naaah. that would never work.

Paul Stokes said...

You know, if government just didn't have to deal with citizens, things would be a lot easier for the people inside the Beltway. I read something the other day about how Stalin's massacres of people were different from that of Hitler's and Mao's because one could identify the basis of the killings by Hitler and Mao, even though the bases and the result were horrifying and, of course, inexcusable. With Stalin, this writer said, a high proporation of his killings made absolutely no sense. My opinion is that Stalin found people, generally, to be a lot of trouble, and he dealt with it.