Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Update on the Adoption

I'm looking for something to do that doesn't involve reading Ulysses, so I thought I'd give an update on our adoption; since I don't know that I've done so since we began this process 13 months ago. -not sure what's going on in Ulysses. 450 pages so far. Think I read about a funeral, a news article, some advertising, Shakespeare and Hamlet, a bar, a kidney. I think I'd like some yogurt and honey-yogurtandhoney-honeyandyogurt. what is he talking about? adoption? who is ulysses? who gave him a login to post at kithandkin? I don't think this Joycereading has affected me overly.

Our paperwork made its way over to Ethiopia at the start of June. The word is that we might receive a referral in December or January, maybe. A referral means that we are matched with a child. Then it will probably be 2-3 months after the referral that we'll head over to Ethiopia to pick up the infant - so maybe March or April? It will be strange to drive to the airport with a baby seat in the car. Probably not as strange as driving home from the airport with a baby in the car. That will be pretty strange.


Paul Stokes said...

Thank you for the update, Walter. The novel is not a bad metaphor for what seems to be going on. I have been praying about this on a sort of hit and miss basis, something that I confess characterizes my prayer life. I am going to settle down here and start praying like a grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Walter, we are excited to see an update about the adoption! We are eagerly anticipating your receiving the referral.

About your reading Ulysses, it's hard for me to imagine reading anything by James Joyce voluntarily. One of the worst and most mystifying academic experiences of my freshman year in college was being required to read and write an essay about A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in our Freshman Writing English class.

Sean Meade said...

looking forward to the actual connection, Walter!

i haven't read and don't plan on reading Ulysses, but I sure did love APofAaaYM (Carol ;-)!