Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes...

So, this morning, as Honor was trying to eat her breakfast, her older brother would not leave her alone.
She asked him to stop.
He did not.

And, then, (and this is what made me almost laugh out loud), my three year old daughter turns to him and says,

"Aidan! Stop antagonizing me!"

She is not even 3 and a half yet, and she is using the word "antagonize". Ahhh, I LOVE it. We all have Macon to thank for this one, folks. He has also been asking Aidan to stop antagonizing his sister for several months now. Looks like Honor picked up on Daddy's key phrase.



Carol said...

Hard to imagine a brother actually antagonizing his sister...But, I've heard it can happen. :)

Good for Honor to stand up for herself!

Paul Stokes said...

Antagonize, tantalize, and aggravate: those were the words that my mother unjustly used to describe my behavior to my own sister when we were little. The legacy of that very difficult upbringing now manifests itself to the third generation. Like a virus, these accusations used by my mother invaded my own speech patterns, and when I sought to do real justice between Macon and his younger siblings, these are the words that I used. And now my own grandson is being ill used by his father in this same way that I was ill used by my mother. This is data for some sort of psychological, perhaps even theological study.

Paul Stokes said...

And now we know how Honor will ill use her own eldest son, if she is blessed to have one like Aidan and me.