Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chicago Law #1?

Malcolm Gladwell (of Blink fame) ranks the law schools.

He uses a "value" approach. But Michigan below Univ. of Puerto Rico?

Mary suggests reading the entire Gladwell article in the Atlantic, which is cited in the link. I did. Good article.

I think we are going to get more and more "value" thinking as far as higher education is concerned (as well as everything else). Our swinging to Davidson College from Duke years ago was, in part, informed by Davidson being less expensive. My partners are superb lawyers, each of them received their B.A.s from state schools (UF and FIU, respectively) and one of them her law degree from a state law school (again UF).

A friend of mine went to Miami-Dade his first two years, then to FSU for his B.A. and then to Michigan Law, which law school, in my humble opinion - price aside - is easily in the top 10, and he's another superb lawyer.

I know a guy with a 1998 4Runner who gets to work as quickly as this other guy who has a Porshe. On the other hand, the 4Runner guy exudes style in or out of an automobile.

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