Wednesday, February 09, 2011

They're Doing Something Right in Texas

No Texas counties in the left column, several in the right.

And note in which column the Florida and Neveda counties are. Yet the new Florida, GOP governor may have cast a wistflul eye at expanding legalized gambling last month. Give. me. a. break.

For a governor trade with Texas, Florida will throw in, for everyone with a Texas drivers license - and their families - Florida resident discounts for admission to Disney World and all other Florida attractions, statewide.

Speaking of Governor Perry, I like what he is reported to have said here and the audio clip of other remarks of his here. (Thanks to Instapundit for the Perry links.)

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Unknown said...

Ah, but Gov. Perry can get exactly what he asks for here: "Instead of oppressive mandates, we need solutions like block grants, and the freedom to improve health care delivery, with innovation, flexibility and local input from leaders like Senator Jane Nelson."

Right now that provision takes effect in 2017, but Scott Brown (R-MA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) have a bill that would move that to 2014. I'm surprised that Perry didn't mention it.