Friday, February 11, 2011

More Character Issues at the U?

The 'Canes signed a former Michigan quarterback this week, Tate Forcier, according to the Herald yesterday.

Mike Forcier believes his son will be a perfect fit with the Hurricanes.

“Some of the criticism he got in the past are from people who misunderstand him as ‘cocky,’” Mike Forcier said. “Really all he has is a lot swagger. I know the players at Miami are all about that. He’s just misunderstood. He’s confident he knows he can play. He’s played since he was a little baby. This is his dream.”

* * *

Mike Forcier said his son was not taking classes at Michigan this semester and was living with his girlfriend in Grand Rapids while completing those online courses.

I guess he'll get along great with Coach Kehoe.

(Todd Forcier is apparently pretty controversial up north. See, for example, this post. The post includes this disturbing comment about Todd: "he exudes very little credibility." He's a young person, of course, and maybe he learned something up there. Hope so.)

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