Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dead Critters in the House

Dave Barry writes about rats in his house in Coral Gables.

Our last dead creature was an opossum, but its stinking carcass was marginally accessible by way of the crawl-space under our Miami Springs house. Unfortunately, one of the differences between Miami Springs and Coral Gables is that it is dishonorable in Miami Springs to call a guy with a truck for such things if you are a guy.

Another dead opossum and we're moving to the Gables.


Scott said...

I have a truck and have removed a dead rat from my crawl space before. Yick! I've also had a mouse jump out of his nest in the overhead insulation as I'm crawling in the (yep) crawl space. I almost shot him...but was too dizzy after I jumped and hit my head on the floor joist thingee.

Paul Stokes said...

You almost shot him? Whoa! I usually park what I'm packing when I'm crawling around, but you could very well have a point, Scott. You just never know.

And I like the truck. I like to think of my 4Runner as a truck. It is built on a truck chassis, anyway. You cannot, by the way, have a truck in Coral Gables. Maybe they would allow 4Runners but probably not 13 year old 4Runners.

Scott said...

I was concerned about the things that slither. We call 'em "No shoulders."

Paul Stokes said...

Got it. We have those critters in our yard - on the outside: the good ones, green and black ones. I do remember a six foot rattler being shot outside our elementary school down the street when I was in 5th grade.