Saturday, March 26, 2011

Class-Action Against Taco Bell

It's by now old news that there is a class action against Taco Bell claiming that what Taco Bell says is ground beef in its burrito is only 36% beef and the rest some sort of filler. But I just read about it in this article I picked up from Drudge this morning. The whole thing is food for thought, as it were.

But what immediately came to my mind is the connection between inflation in food prices, bad health, and the rising cost of health care. As the prices go up, the food delivery system that the fast-food industry represents cuts back further on costly "real food" and gives us what Taco Bell calls "secret ingredients." That burrito can't be good for our bodies.

The other day, some friends of ours returned to Miami Springs after a first visit to Austin. They visited the Whole Foods grocery store downtown. They were amazed, of course. But they said that the Austin people they visited referred to the store as "Whole Paycheck," because of the prices. So what is a family to do? Pressed by low incomes, both parents working (if there are two parents) without time for food preparation, it's off to McDonald's, BK, or whatever, looking for the dollar meal. Then they get sick, increasing the demand for limited medical services and turning to the government to solve their problems, the government whose economic policies and deep vein of corruption contributed greatly to the inflation in the first place. Not a good situation.

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