Saturday, March 26, 2011

Met John James of the Newsboys Tonight (UPDATE)

He spoke at the YFC Banquet. He's coming to our church tomorrow.

UPDATE: The link which Carol mentions in her comment is here. Here's another link; it was on the JesusFreakHideout site. Apparently, John's base church in the US is Calvary AOG in Orlando. (Rick, what do you think of their website?)


Walter said...

whaaa? that's awesome

Paul Stokes said...

He gave a fascinating testimony this morning at our worship service, and it was quite moving. I could tell during his presentation when he moved from the sort of thing he said last night at the banquet to his personal testimony. Something shifted in the vector of his talk to the more personal. I think he felt safe with us in telling us more about himself, not that he is keeping that testimony a secret. He's moving to the US, to Orlando, where some church up there is sponsoring him as he embarks on what he calls missionary work in the US.

Carol said...

This gives some of his testimony: