Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Allen Brain Atlas

ALLEN Human Brain Atlas

The ALLEN Human Brain Atlas is a unique, multi-modal digital atlas that integrates extensive gene expression data with anatomic information. The atlas currently features MRI, DTI, histology, microarray, and in situ hybridization data.

The latest release on March 17, 2011 adds an expanded data set and enhanced data visualization and navigation options that facilitate integration across data modalities. Updates include:

Whole Brain Microarray Survey:
Spatially mapped microarray data comprising approximately 2,000 samples covering two entire brains
Enhanced heat-map interactivity and user-defined viewing options
Enhanced differential and correlative search features

Brain Explorer® 3-D viewer:
Interactive, 3-D views for exploring the anatomy of both brains from the Whole Brain Microarray Survey
Gene expression overlay onto brain anatomy, with links back to the original microarray data
Inflated surface views to enhance visibility of expression profiles over the cortex
Side-by-side views for comparing brains

Enhanced integration across data modalities:
MRI view from gene expression heat map to conceptually localize regions of interest
Streamlined navigation between microarray, MRI and histology data
Side-by-side views of ISH data and nearest matching Nissl section for visual characterization of anatomical structures
Additional data, brains and tools will be available in subsequent releases.

Our next public release will be on June 16, 2011.


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