Saturday, April 09, 2011

Black Genocide; the Heartbeat of Miami Banquet

* Many people do not know, that since 1973 (year abortion was legalized in the U.S.) more African American babies have been killed by ABORTION than the total number of African American deaths from all other causes COMBINED. (US Center for Disease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute)

* Abortion services have been DELIBERATELY and SYSTEMATICALLY TARGETED towards African Americans. A disproportionate number of the nation’s abortion mills are located in minority neighborhoods. Learn more: ABORTION & GENOCIDE Life Issues Institute Black Genocide Study

* 35% of abortions in the United States are performed on African American women, while they represent only 13% of the female population of the country. (US Census Bureau)

* The abortion rate among married African American women is three times greater than it is among white women. (National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 48, No. 11)

* According to the 2000 Census, Hispanics have replaced African Americans as the largest minority group in the US. The loss of over 14 million black babies through abortion has played a significant part in this population decline. (Used by permission of Dayton Right to Life)

-From Protecting Black Life.

The Director of Protecting Black Life, Rev. Arnold M. Culbreath, spoke at the Heartbeat of Miami annual banquet this week. Carol and I attended that function. Rev. Culbreath had an electrifying message.

There were two very moving testimonies at the Heartbeat banquet, one from a pregnant young woman from Hialeah who, thanks to her visits to the Heartbeat office there, has chosen not to kill her baby; the other from a mother of two children who, with her husband, adopted the baby of a young woman who had visited the North Miami Heartbeat center for help. The adoptive mother told the story of the birth mother, and the two mothers are now close friends.

At the end of the program, mothers in the audience who had changed their minds about abortion at a Heartbeat center, came up on stage with their children. As Heartbeat has been at work in Miami for just 3 years, there were toddlers as well as babies. The Heartbeat director, Marta Avila, said that over 30,000 abortions have been avoided by Heartbeat during that period of time.

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