Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's Dale Bruner Up To?

According to a Facebook post of his last September 10:

The final manuscript for the Commentary on John was submitted to the publisher on June 30. The next project is Romans!

(Thanks, Marlene!)

He does keep busy.


Sean Meade said...

i've long wanted to read his stuff, especially on the Holy Spirit

Paul Stokes said...

Sean, for several years he was the "Bible teacher" at the Christian Life Conference at Montreat, and so our entire family had the opportunity to "sit at his feet" (with hundresds of others) and came to admire him too. He was working on his John study the last time he was there, which was several years ago. One thing he would do was to recite "by heart" the scripture that was the subject of the particular talk. What he would recite would be his own translation from the Greek. Often he would pause in the recitation to make a particular point about the translation. What a teacher!

Sean Meade said...

sounds great!