Monday, August 01, 2011

More of McDougall on Starch

Until you realize that you are a starch-eater, the solution to your health and weight problems will remain elusive. Once you understand that the bulk of your diet must come from starches, like rice, corn, beans, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, everything will fall into place. You will now think: It just makes so much sense now. The program is easy to follow, the foods are delicious and satisfying, the excess body fat disappears, the bowels work, my laboratory test results are now great, and my mental and physical energy have become boundless. Most importantly, with starches at the center of your meals, you feel a sense of wellbeing and control. You have finally come home to your food. This way of eating is for life.

Starches Are Plants, but Not All Plants Are Starches

Referring to my dietary recommendations as vegetarian, vegan, plant-food-based, or high-carbohydrate is correct, but not sufficiently specific.

Vegetarian means that meat is eliminated. Most people would include eggs and dairy products in a vegetarian diet and many would also allow fish (or chicken).

A vegan diet avoids all foods from animal origin, but can still be based on Cokes, potato chips, and vegan cheesecake. At least half the vegetarians and vegans I know are overweight and unhealthy because of all the soy meats and cheeses, olive oil, nuts and seeds, simple sugars and refined flours they eat.

A plant-food-based diet could mean lettuce, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower, and therefore, a lifetime of hunger pains and fatigue from lack of energy.

And table sugar is a high-carbohydrate food: enough said.

The word “starch” conveys exactly what you are supposed to eat.

-from the McDougall Newsletter - July 2011 The quote above is only part of the article to which I link. If the quote has your attention, then I suggest you read entire article.

At the risk of some indelicacy, I will affirm in particular what Dr. M says about "the bowels work." Just prior to adopting Dr. McDougall's approach, there was a five year period during which I had became very involved with a fine gastroenterologist. Since my diet change, I haven't had any of the problems that sent me to him and, of course, haven't called him or been to his office. I don't expect to do so again.

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