Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Return of U.S. Manufacturing

This is the title of several articles that are currently circulating. The latest one that came to my attention is in the July 2011 Economic Bulletin published by the American Institute for Economic Research. (You need to be a member to access the complete article or buy it. I have enjoyed my membership.)

Articles one can read without charge on this subject include this press release in May by the Boston Consulting Group, this one in the Fiscal Times, and this article from Fortune Magazine.

With all the gloom and doom that the media poisons us with (none of whose writers, I would guess, ever had to meet a payroll) , it is refreshing to consider the way the American market responds to global market changes. If I had some extra time, I would spend it researching domestic low- and mid-cap manufacturing firms and acquiring as much stock as I could in the ones that looked especially promising. If I were a young man starting out in life, I would look at them as places to work.

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