Wednesday, January 25, 2012

¡Hola, Caballero!

Last evening on the way home from the office, I dropped by the Home Depot just off Okeechobee Road, near LeJeune.  (Over the weekend I discovered the world's greatest garage shelf as I researched the problem on the internet and bought one Sunday afternoon at HD.  It was on sale for $10 less than shown on HD's web page, and it worked out so well, I went back to buy another.)  I was dressed in my lawyer's uniform, but left the suit jacket in the car.

At HD there is a security guard at the exit door to check one's receipt against the merchandise he is carrying out.  The security guard waiting as I approached the exit was a woman.  "¡Hola, Caballero!"  I was a little taken aback - not Señor, but Caballero - but recovered in time to say, "¡Señora, hola a usted!"  When she checked the receipt she said, "Buenas Noches," and so did I.  Not a word of English.

The gray hair, the white shirt and tie: I am entitled not only to courtesy but also to deference at HD.  I love the Latin culture in Miami.

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