Saturday, April 14, 2012

Head Injury Suits Against the NFL

Alex Karras, a former pro football player-turned-actor who now has dementia, has joined other ex-players in suing the NFL over concussion-related injuries.  The former Detroit Lions defensive lineman, who was named to four Pro Bowls during a 12-year NFL career that ended in 1970, joined 69 other ex-players in a suit filed in U.S. District Court Thursday, CNN reported. It's the 12th such suit brought against the league involving about 700 players, the network said.

-from a UPI article published yesterday.

Here's a website marketing legal services to NFL players with head injuries who wish to join or initiate such lawsuits.

A number of books have been published about the medical risks in sports.  Ones that include a discussion of  risks to children include, for example
Play Hard, Die Young: Football Dementia, Depression and Death

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