Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Petman, DARPA, Lego

Doing a push-up, he looks a little like me at the CrossFit box.  (I love the fan on the right side of the video.)

Where this technology may be going is described at the KurzweilAI website.  The Kurzweil description refers to "DARPA."  What is DARPA? Sean knows, but I really didn't, although I might have heard of it at some point.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was established in 1958 to prevent strategic surprise from negatively impacting U.S. national security and create strategic surprise for U.S. adversaries by maintaining the technological superiority of the U.S. military.

To fulfill its mission, the Agency relies on diverse performers to apply multi-disciplinary approaches to both advance knowledge through basic research and create innovative technologies that address current practical problems through applied research.  DARPA’s scientific investigations span the gamut from laboratory efforts to the creation of full-scale technology demonstrations in the fields of biology, medicine, computer science, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, material sciences, social sciences, neurosciences and more.  

As the DoD’s primary innovation engine, DARPA undertakes projects that are finite in duration but that create lasting revolutionary change.

-from the DARPA website.

Does DARPA know about the NXT 2.0?  That's really what I want to  know.

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