Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GoPro: What a Story! What a Camera!

What a company!

I'm sitting here thinking about what I could do with such a camera.  The story to which I link and its embedded video open up that sort of thinking - and nothing that I would do has anything to do with the particular applications employed by those using the camera in the video (as captivating as those uses are.  For example, the young women with the whales!).  It is simply that the idea of this camera and the ways others have used it opens one's mind to applications peculiar to one's own experience.

For example, a video showing Aidan in fast and/or in slow motion opening a new Lego box set, figuring out the pattern, putting the model together, making his own changes, playing with it: that would be fascinating; Honor at the easel; Nautica playing with that crazy dog; Felicity doing crafts; MJ wearing a camera while assisting a birth;the bros at XFit;  C in la concina sua; and K and M applying their manifold gifts in so many ways.

(A huge part of the genius of a brilliant application is the editing, of course.)

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