Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tobacco Hornworms on Dove Avenue!

I had two nice tomato plants growing in big pots in the front yard.  All of a sudden, the leaves started disappearing off the stems of one of them.  Within just a day or two.

Checking carefully, there before me a giant worm appeared.  He was there all the time, but I did not see him because he was so well camouflaged.  Yet he was about the size and length of my ring finger.

I checked the other plant, and there was his little brother.  I extricated both of them, and sent them to worm heaven.

Here's a link at the University of Florida webpage about this critter, a tobacco hornworm.  I can attest to the truth of this observation from the link:

Tobacco and tomato hornworms are the common large caterpillars that defoliate tomato plants. Their large size allows them to strip a plant of foliage in a short period of time, so they frequently catch gardeners by surprise.

 I don't know if the first plant will survive.

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