Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Let's Hear It for the Roman Catholic Middle Class in America

Emerging UM football star Rashawn Scott, according to a front page article in today's Miami Herald, has this to say about his people:

What has your adoptive family done for your life? A visitor asked.

"Loved me," the soft-spoken sphomore receiver answered.  "All the time."

His dad won't be able to come to Saturday night's game against Notre Dame:

Instead, the family will be at Melbourne Central Catholic High School this weekend, where daughter Anna is on the school’s homecoming court.

“Her daddy has to walk her onto the football field,” Freddie Erdman [Rashawn's mother] said. “I have to let my other kids know that just because they don’t play Division I football, they’re just as important.’’

(And don't you love the irony?  The U playing Notre Dame, and Rashawn's a 'Cane.  Go 'Canes!)

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