Monday, August 30, 2004

A Duke Sighting not likely to turn up in DU's alumni journal

This is from James Tarranto's Best of the Web Today on August 30th.

Not all anti-Bush protesters are here in New York. The New York Times reports that some 2,000 marched through Athens Friday to protest Colin Powell's planned Olympic visit. One of them was even an American:
Among those who joined in before the violence broke out was Andrea Murray, 22, who graduated from Duke University in North Carolina. She said she was looking for Athens' National Museum and instead found the demonstration.
"I found this and I thought, like wow! I am participating because I am American and I want Greeks to know that not all Americans are drones or idiots," Murray said.
Like wow! She's totally not a drone or idiot and stuff!

The Davdidson College students on their Classics Trip could not be reached for comment.

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