Saturday, August 21, 2004

I've got to go with Mary on this one

The first 3 sentances in the preface to Trevor Hart's Regarding Karl Barth makes me wonder whether he had an editor because they are so convoluted which is surprising because I wouldn't expect such work from IVP, but it concerns me if Mary suffered for having worked in their editorial department.

"Some books are a long time in the writing. The origins of this particular volume lie some twenty years back in a lecture hall in Durham where a Professor of Divinity encouraged his first year students early in their studies to identify a prominent theologian whose writings they might use thenceforth as a sounding board on a wide range of theological questions. The names cast out like pearls included many notable British, European and American scholars who were familiar as yet only from reading lists hurriedly perused but largely unused."

To the credit of Hart's prose, "perused" and "unused" rhyme in the latter part of the last sentance.

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