Monday, October 18, 2004

Aidan Comes Home! Yesterday Aidan came home to 3020 Rea Road. Here are some of the pictures documenting his last morning in the hospital and his first evening at home.

Also, you can watch the 2 minute video (3.6 MB, Quicktime) of Aidan going home.

Aidan's first night at home was fulfilling for him, but exhausting for his parents. (This is nothing new as far as parenting goes, I know! I'm just reporting. Fair and Balanced Reporting, I might add.) Aidan slept for 1.5 hours, then fed for 30 minutes. He did that all night, starting at about 9pm, and ending about 9am.

As you'll note, the co-sleeper is on my side of the bed. This is because Kellsey's incision prevents her from picking up Aidan. So for now, I pick Aidan up and hand him to Kells for the feeding. It also means I'm the one who picks him up to change his diaper.

Doug & Sue slept through the whole night. We don't begrude them that at all, especially since they've been doing pretty much everything throughout the day. That's because Kellsey and I pretty much sat around trying to figure out just what the heck is going on. But we'll be on our game tonight when Aidan gets reved up again for his all night dinner party. Here's hoping.

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