Friday, October 15, 2004

Aidan Walter Stokes celebrated his 0th birthday yesterday, October 14, 2004, at 7:59am. His second act as a 1 second old, after sticking his rear end into the air, causing the Student Nurses in attendance to proclaim, "Well! He's definitely a boy!" was to then try to keep his head inside of Kellsey's belly. I know this because when the doctor said, "Here he is!" I stood up and looked over the sheet with my camera. And there was only half of him! I stood there for a few blinks while they tugged at him, then wrapped his rear end in a blanket to get a better grip. That was enough for me, so I sat down again next to Kellsey's head and waited until he really came out. A few seconds passed and then I was called to stand up again, and sure enough, he'd lost his first ever tug-of-war. Ever the gracious loser, Aidan was screaming his head off.

He was 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 20 inches long (24 inches, with afro). Again, showing that he didn't mind losing, Aidan peed all over the nurse as she was trying to clean him up. (For some reason, she looked at me like it was somehow my fault.)

Kellsey and Aidan are recovering wonderfully. You can see pictures of Aidan's 0th birthday party here. (It's really basic, but I'd kind of like to get back to the hospital. We're watching Alias Season 3.) (And, no, this isn't all the pictures, this is only 15 out of about 90 so far. But give me and Grandfather Sewell a break, we've only had Aidan 36 hours. We'll take more shortly.)

UPDATE: You can view a 3 minute (Quicktime) video of 20 minute old Aidan here.

UPDATE: Check out the post on Aidan coming home!

UPDATE: You asked for it: More Aidan video!

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