Sunday, October 17, 2004

UNhelpful (from London'sIndependent.)
China is trying to stop the United Nations imposing sanctions on Sudan over the crisis in the Darfur region to protect its oil imports from the country, say western diplomats.

For the past six years Beijing has been the Sudanese government's main backer, buying 70 per cent of its exports, servicing its $20bn debt and supplying the Khartoum government with most of its weapons.

Beijing oil imports jumped 35 per cent this year and its reliance on a growing number of rogue states to meet its needs is putting it on a collision course with the United States. Sudan and Iran together supply 20 per cent of China's oil imports, and if economic sanctions were applied to either, Beijing would be unable to sustain its high growth rates.

If only some country would take the UN's own declaration of Genocide and make a less-than-everone-lateral (as opposed to Multi-lateral) move to stop the killing. Certainly the UN will get around to Taking Action, but that will probably be in 10 years.

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