Sunday, November 28, 2004

Handy HTML
Here are some of the very basic HTML tags that one can use to spice up a post. Just copy and paste the code into your post. (You might want to open this post in a separate window as you put your post together.)

Inserting a basic link:

<a href="URLHERE">text</a>

To open a link in new window: (this is probably the most handy code to have)
<a target="_blank" href="URLHERE">text</a>

To adjust the size of an embedded image:
After uploading an image, blogger wil automatically add this code to embed your image

<img src="URLofIMAGE"/>

To adjust the width and heighth, add this:
<img src="URLofIMAGE" width=599 heighth=200/>
(w=599 & h=200 are good dimensions for a big picture like this one)

To add a link to an email:
<a href="mailto:EMAILADDRESS">name</a>

To make something bold:
<strong>text </strong>

To use italics:
<i>text </i>

To make something small:
<small>text </small>

To create a "bullet":
  • <LI TYPE="disc">
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