Monday, November 01, 2004

Scary Kerry?: Our 2 year-old participated in a “Trunk or Treat” at my in-law’s church. Basically, people contested for the best decorated car trunk and handed out treats in the parking lot. The winner of the contest was a car that, in addition to decorating the trunk, had a Kerry-Edwards sticker on the bumper (insert screaming here). The emcee declared that the prospect of a Kerry presidency scared the judges more than any goblin or gremlin. Ha ha.

But seriously, how “scary” is a Kerry presidency? Consider:

Taxes: Republicans will retain a solid majority in the House. No new taxes.

Iraq: Kerry knows that we must win in Iraq and will not cut-and-run. He’ll talk a different talk, but the walk (swagger as it’s called in Texas) will be nearly the same. It’s almost worth a Kerry presidency to see him attempt to woo old Europe into sending troops. Nah.

Domestic Issues: Kerry will talk big on education, healthcare, etc., then accuse the Republican Congress of being obstructionists when they shoot down his socialist...I mean, social agenda. Let’s hope Republicans reign in spending, regardless of who’s president.

North Korea/Iran: Unlike his talk on Iraq, Kerry wants to go it alone on North Korea. Bad idea. Clinton tried and failed. On Iran, Kerry would have provided them the nuclear fuel to start their reactors, then held them accountable if they attempt to use it for military purposes. Yeah. Right. Kerry must be living in Narnia.

Judiciary: Now it gets really scary. With the prospect of 2 or more Supreme Court Justices retiring in the next 4 years, the next president will have an opportunity not since Reagan to shape our beloved Country’s mores and lifestyle. Bush desires strict Constitutionalists, those who will interpret the law, not make it. Kerry would likely nominate those on the far left bank of socialist...(there I go again) I mean, social ideology.

All Hallows Eve didn’t start out as a “scary” holiday, but was simply the eve before All Saints Day. I’m voting for a fellow Saint tomorrow, George W. Bush, because the alternative is truly scary.

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